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Make tummies rumble

and eyes light up

with our Baking kits.


How do the baking kits work?

Big Spoon baking kits contain almost everything you need to bake an amazing cake at home, with no waste and less fuss. Everything included is recyclable or reusable. The kits include; 3 cake tins, cake board, piping bag and nozzle, cake mix, buttercream frosting mix, recipe card and fondant decorations.

You’ll just need to add butter, milk, eggs and get baking.

Available in a range of flavours including a vegan option.

Meet the Big Spoon Cake Gang


Whether you do it once a week or once a year, baking is fun.

We don’t all have the time to do all the things we want. It’s an unfortunate fact of life. What we can do, though, is take a couple of shortcuts here and there so that we’re ticking more off our list than before, without blowing the bank. 

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